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Contamination-free crushing of high-quality raw materials

Long product life + reduced contamination

Consistent and contamination-free pre-crushing and crushing to defined sizes is frequently a crucial prerequisite for material to be properly sorted through to recycling. Because of our wear-resistant and fracture-tough carbides, blades, inserts and other products for crushing materials remain sharp longer and without changing form. Additionally, the contamination of foreign materials is minimal, e.g. dust in the crushing process from the facility or crushing tools.

Diverse range of standard and customised products

In order to be able to process the increasing quantities of waste for recycling, the shredding plants accordingly become larger and larger. Our product range offers a wide range of geometries. Of course, we also produce complex, customised forms.

  • Carbide properties:

    - Wear-resistant/abrasion-resistant

    - Fracture toughness/impact resistance

  • Finish:

    - As sintered and partly ground

    - Ground on all faces

- Crushing industry

- Recycling industry

- Crushing and shredding plants

- Waste crushing

- Crushing and recycling of high-quality raw materials

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