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Carbide – the safest solution

The hardest metals for the greatest security

Carbides are essential components of all locks that must meet the highest security standards. The unsurpassed hardness of the tungsten carbide offers reassuring protection against drills, saws or other tools.

Universal application

The possibilities in carbide production provide lock producers with a variety of options in finding the right solution to security issues: we will gladly produce preforms for you in nearly all geometries. We also create the most complex of shapes by using modern metal injection moulding with very low tolerances.


- As sintered with close tolerances

- Precision-ground

Able to produce complex forms (metal injection moulding)


Carbide properties:

- High hardness

- Corrosion-resistant

- Security engineering

- Producers of safes

- Lock industry/producers of locks, locking systems and lock cylinders

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