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Customer-specific production with an extremely high quality standard


For years, we have been developing very complex components and forms according to customers’ specifications, for example, for the textile and cigarette industries. Of course, we produce all of our components with extreme precision and the closest of tolerances – completely according to your needs.


Finished products are used frequently in high-speed machinery, where they are usually subjected to high stress and severe abrasion. To that point, our carbide grades, which are characterised by low wear and, in turn, have a long service life, offer you a decisive competitive edge.

Type – according to the customer’s request:

- As sintered

- Ground

Carbide properties (varied according to grade):

- Wear-resistant

- Corrosion-resistant

- High compressive strength

- High fracture toughness

  • Our products are suited for various areas of application, for example:

    - General mechanical engineering

    - Textile industry

    - Cigarette industry

    - General industry

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