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Custom-made carbide grades for mining and tunnel construction

Wear-resistant & tough

In order to complete large projects such as tunnel drilling or mining successfully and economically, reliable carbide tools are decisive: For long tool life, they have to provide high hardness and corrosion resistance, high toughness against tool breakage as well as compressive strength.

Individual & versatile

For all applications we offer a wide range of geometries specifically tailored for the respective machine, as well as a large selection of carbide grades customised for stone and geological conditions. Diverse grade variants in grain size, hardness and cobalt content conquer even the most varied requirements. You thus receive products intended for your individual applications as sintered or ground and in Premium or Economy quality.

Carbide properties:

- Wear-resistant

- High impact strength

- High compressive strength

- Corrosion-resistant


- As sintered

- Ground (partly or completely)



- Drill heads

- Road milling bits

- Customised plates


- Tunnel construction

- Mining (open cast and underground), e.g.: coal and ore

- Exploration, e.g. oil, gas, raw materials

- Geothermics

- Road construction, e.g. rock removal, renewal of road surfacing

- Building construction, e.g. foundation drilling, old building removal


Particularly suitable for the following materials:

- Stone/rock

- Concrete/masonry

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