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Certified carbides for the hardest conditions

Long tool life due to corrosion-resistant carbide grades

The biggest challenge in undersea oil drilling, however, is corrosion of the components caused by water-borne media and oil. In order to counteract this phenomenon, we offer blanks with various Co/Cr/Ni metal binder alloys and thus increase the service life of the products many times over. This way you save considerably on costs of acquisition and downtime, as well as on resources for costly maintenance work.

Comprehensive product portfolio

We offer you the right product for a diverse range of applications: our products for the oil industry range from drill bits to very complex, large components.

  • Carbide properties:

    - Corrosion-resistant

    - High mechanical properties

  • Finish:

    - As sintered

    - Ground

    - Component dimensions up to Ø 500 x 400 mm

    - Larger dimensions upon request

- Oil industry:

Oil and gas extraction: downstream (all steps in the production process where the oil or gas passes through after recovery) and upstream (the extraction and recovery of oil and gas).

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