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Optimal carbide grades for manufacturing glassware

Precisely tailored to your needs

We develop carbide grades with the appropriate properties for every product: as a result, our shear blades distinguish themselves by their high resistance to wear and heat and our press-moulds are comprised of a binder-free substrate for complete hardness.

  • Carbide properties:

    - Wear-resistant

    We offer the following finishes, according to the type of product:

    - Finish-ground

    - Some products provided with coating

    - Blanks

    - Pre-ground

  • Shear blades for single, double, and multiple gobs:

    - Container and crystal glass production (liquid glass)

  • Compaction tools for optical lenses:

    - Manufacturing of optical lenses for mobile phones and photo cameras (liquid glass)

  • Carbide rings:

    - Manufacturing of glass balls

  • Punches:

    - Container and crystal glass production

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