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Cemented carbide: the best solution for your health

Extremely hard and resistant to breakage for maximum precision machining

In the medical systems sector, carbide solutions are the leading alternative: when doctors treat teeth and bones or when specialists work with implants and dentures, highly precise and extremely resistant tools are needed. On the basis of carbide grades developed for you, Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT supplies you with both standard and customer-specific solutions: being extremely hard, tough, resistant to breakage and heat, carbide blanks prove maximum performance and are many times superior to conventional steel products.

Certified safe

We closely comply with the strictest healthcare regulations for medical systems. Corrosion-resistant grades offer security, reliability and durability. If you are counting on certified quality, CERATIZIT offers you numerous grades which match the special premium requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For your dental drill production, you can choose between sintered or ground carbide blanks. In addition to a standard range of pins and preforms of different dimensions, our experts are always available to assist you when it comes to implementing customer-specific designs. – To make it easy for you to finalise your tool!

Just like dental drills, blanks for needle holder tips are delivered as sintered or ground. The standard range is supplemented by customer-specific designs: these can differ in shape, dimensions, surface treatment, carbide grade, finish and serration. Furthermore, CERATIZIT is the only producer worldwide that creates the specific pyramid profile during pressing and sintering, saving you time, money and overall work effort.

In addition to dental tools and needle holder tips, we can develop solutions for any medical application upon customer request, e.g. knives for wire cutting.

Our products are suitable for a variety of medical and laboratory applications, e.g.:

- Dental tools

- Medical tools

- Forceps

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Premium carbide for the health industry
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