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Jewellery for eternity

Scratchproof elegance

Carbide watches, clocks and jewellery are characterised by a shiny surface and their high durability. Thanks to the carbides’ particular hardness, they are more resistant to knocks and scratches than steel, gold or platinum and therefore elegantly withstand everyday use.

Decades of experience

In the 1960’s, we had already developed the first carbide watchcases – today we produce tens of thousands of cases per year for various models. You can trust in our experience!

  • Carbide properties:

    - Wear-resistant

    - Good impact strength

    - Scratchproof

  • Type:

    - As sintered

    We produce even the most complex shapes via the modern metal injection moulding process with very low tolerances.

  • - Watch and clock production

    - Jewellery production

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