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Highly precise tools for extreme applications

Resistant material for very complex applications

Our carbide high-pressure tools are characterised by their extremely high quality: they are enormously resistant to pressure and high temperatures and are distinguished by their long tool life. Because our products are used in very challenging fields, such as when manufacturing polycrystalline diamonds (i.e. for drills), or when analysing the chemical and physical properties of the earth, quality and reliability are our first priorities – our 35 years of experience in manufacturing synthetic diamonds have made sure of that.


- As sintered

- Finish-ground (ready-to-use)

Carbide properties:

- High compressive strength

- Wear-resistant

- High fracture toughness

- Dimensionally accurate

Long-standing experience and comprehensive expertise in powder metallurgy give our high-pressure tools a competitive advantage and characterise them by an extremely high carbide quality. This is why renowned research centres and universities, as well as leaders in synthetic diamond manufacturing have been our customers for decades.

Carbide cubes and pyramids are individually constructed in various sizes and geometries for every high-pressure application.

All information and drawings are treated with strict confidentiality.

- Production of industrial diamonds, CBN and PCD with the help of high-pressure procedures, e.g. for the production of extremely hard drill bits

- Analysis of the physical and chemical properties of the earth, often used, for example, by geologists

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