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The right blank for every cut

High wear resistance

Requirements concerning materials are very high in the precision tooling industry. Our tooling blanks guarantee a long tool life, good parallelism and good concentricity. Thanks to our wide range of grades, we offer the optimal solution for every application.

Perfectly prepared

We place great value on your ability to further process the products quickly and with minimal effort during the creation of the tooling blanks: we guarantee precise finishes with low tolerances, an even material as well as low grinding allowances.

Standard programme and custom-made products

Our E-Techstore offers a direct look into our standard programme, including inventory, and also simplifies the ordering process. Outside of this programme, we can additionally produce nearly any dimension – whether it's a blank or pre-ground.

Disc finish:

- As sintered with low grinding allowance (‘near net shape’ technology)

- Including holes for location pins, slots, bevels or grooves

- Pre-ground faces and bore ground

Circular and long knife finish:

- As sintered

- Pre-ground

Disc properties:

- Good parallelism

- Good concentricity

Carbide properties on the discs:

- Wear-resistant

- Good machining properties

Carbide properties on circular and long knives:

- Fracture toughness

- Wear-resistant


- Cutting tools manufacturers


- Metals

- Plastics

- Cardboard

Circular and long knives:

- Paper industry (e.g. corrugated board cutting)

- Metal industry (e.g. sheet cutting)

- Tissue industry (e.g. tissue cutting)

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