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Fast. Flexible. Straightforward.

Customised carbide blanks and semi-finished products according to your requirements

We offer a wide range of custom carbide blanks and semi-finished products for a variety of applications.

Short response and delivery times, as well as diverse production possibilities

We even manufacture complex components along with small, long, thin and delicate parts with high precision according to customer drawings. We also produce small batch sizes without additional set-up costs for you.

CERATIZIT offers a wide range of diverse carbide blanks. In addition to the standard type (round with cylindrical hole), our portfolio also features small parts, long and thin components, thin-walled sleeves, but also complex components with complicated profiles.

Product portfolio:

- Customised blanks and pre-ground, semi-finished articles

- Wear parts

- Customised parts for metal forming, e.g. drawing dies, hammering tools, mandrels, extrusion components, calibration components, components for deep drawing tools

Blanks from Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT are particularly suited for the following materials:

- Stainless and non-stainless steels

- Non-ferrous metals

Our products can be used in a broad range of industries, e.g.

- Mechanical engineering industry

- Automotive industry

- Medical systems

- Wire production

- Electric and electronic industry

- Nail and rivet production

- Mining, road construction

- Bearings industry

- Tool and die construction

Blanks and semi-finished products
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