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A precise and stable forming process guaranteed

Reduced production costs thanks to long tool life

Our high-quality and individually tailored carbide grades withstand the highest pressures and only wear out slightly. CERATIZIT assures this high quality by way of internal development and production, as well as highly detailed quality analysis tests.

Consistent quality – consistent processes

Thanks to decades of know-how in all production and machining methods, we guarantee maximum accuracy of manufacturing tolerances and the consistent quality of our blanks, ensuring stable metal forming processes with equal parameters.


- Drawing dies

- Hammering tools

- Mandrels

- Extrusion components

- Calibration components

- Components for deep drawing tools

- Customised parts for metal forming


- As sintered

- Semi-finished, pre-ground

- For threading

- Minimal allowances

Carbide properties:

- Wear-resistant

- High fracture toughness

- Appropriate grades for every application

- Suitable for coating

- High compressive strength


We provide you with constructive support in developing solutions.

- Design consultation and advice: protective edges, defined radii, predetermined breaking point prevention, etc.

- In-depth laboratory analysis of the tools you have already been using in the workshop, in order to determine reasons for wear, corrosion, etc.


- Construction and metal construction industry

- Automotive industry

- Production of fittings

- Wire production

- Electric and electronic industry

- Nail and rivet production

- Jewellery industry

- Bearing industry

- Tool and mould production


Particularly suited for materials, such as:

- Steel and stainless steel

- Non-ferrous metals

Blanks and semi-finished products
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Innovative carbide solutions
for metal forming

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