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Rotary cutter blanks for the most demanding requirements   

Sophistication as a standard

Your wish is our guideline: you make your model available, and CERATIZIT will deliver – always under the premise of strict confidentiality! At company headquarters in Mamer, Luxembourg, our experts will create your rotary cutter blanks with up to 20 mm cutting height, which can be reground. Our production line allows for diameters up to 610 mm and heights up to 500 mm. Internationally renowned brands benefit from customer-specific solutions delivered within only a few weeks.


You will receive exactly the right solution for your needs: every rotary cutter blank is developed under a guarantee of maximum confidentiality and results from the 2D or 3D specifications you provide. You can choose between the blank and partly ground product. If required, the blank can be provided with pockets, axial and radial holes or milling cutouts, and of course brand logos can be milled as well. Matching side rings (which can also be ordered as single items), rotary anvils and cutting inserts complete the range.

Highly resistant

Where high stress occurs, cemented carbide is your solution of choice. Compared to products made of tempered steel, carbide tools have a considerably longer life, which results in a better cost-benefit ratio. With long-lasting CERATIZIT products, over 200 million cutting operations are virtually standard. When the cutting edge is worn, it can normally be reground five to six times before the tool has to be replaced.

  • Hard metal rotary cutter

  • Hard metal rotary anvil

  • Hard metal side ring

  • Hard metal segment

Every day companies produce several million pulp products. To produce these articles with maximum efficiency, rotary cutting tools offering excellent process reliability are required. These can be manufactured quickly and easily from carbide blanks.

Hygiene industry (pulp materials, e.g. rolls for nappies, sanitary towels and cotton pads)

Packaging (e.g. cardboard boxes)

Medical sector (e.g. poultices)

Premium blanks for rotary cutters
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