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Economic efficiency. Precision. Process reliability

Increased productivity by tool life optimisation

Our solutions fulfil all expectations in relation to tools and active parts in particular: They are sophisticated and powerful thanks to high-quality carbide grades specifically developed for tool and die construction.

Our competence for your success

In order to achieve the best possible result, in addition to the suitable carbide grade for your application, we also provide you with an outstanding service package: advice concerning grade characteristics and selection, optimisation of machining processes and customer-specific seminars.

The new CF+ grades - innovation from experience

The new CF+ grades now offer even better security and efficiency at the same price: Security with cutting edge stability, while maintaining the same hardness, reliability with stable processes, increased transverse rupture strength and improved tensile strength and long-lasting quality with reduced tendency and speed of corrosion.

  • Carbide blocks for wire erosion, as sintered

    - in special execution

    - with grinding allowance in all dimensions

    - thickness ground to clean up + 0.4/+ 0.6 mm – ready to use, precisely machined and without surcharge

  • Rectangular strips for punching dies

    - as sintered, with positive sintering tolerance

  • Bushes for guides and dies

    - outer dimensions with grinding allowance, inner diameter with positive sintering tolerances

  • Rods for punching dies

    - as sintered, length 330 mm

    - diameter ground to h6, length: 330 mm

  • Preforms according to customer drawings

Whether stamping, bending or blanking, metal forming, powder pressing or fine cutting – with our active parts made of carbide you can achieve high output rates and quantities, enabling you to turn out mass-produced parts economically.

Our products are available in various carbide grades and versions.

Sectors, applications:

- Automotive and aircraft construction

- Construction and furniture industry

- Electric and electronic industry

- White good producers

- Tool and die construction


Particularly suitable for the following materials:

- Steels

- Non-ferrous metals

- Plastics

- Composite materials

Thanks to our decades of experience in the development of carbide grades we are able to cover applications ranging from thin foil to the fine cutting of ribbon with a thickness of several millimetres.

What our carbides are used for

Tool and die construction places carbides under extreme stress. Our carbide grades are tailored to match the many different applications. The wide range of grades we offer confirms the technological lead that, in combination with our long-standing experience in powder metallurgy, guarantees maximum quality and consistency. Our technological lead is the basis for your success.

Corrosion-resistant grades

CF grades exhibit excellent corrosion resistance combined with the mechanical and physical properties required in the tool and die industry.

The following table offers a good basis for choosing the right grade. Further influencing factors such as the composition of the strip material, cutting gap, lubrication, geometry of the active parts and the structure of the tools should be taken into account in order to select the optimal grade.

Our customers have been working for decades with our proven and fully fledged corrosion resistant CF (corrosion-free) carbide grades, which were specifically developed for the tool and die industry.

To ensure that this will continue in the future, we have provided our latest developments with a PLUS in terms of performance.

You can benefit right away from even better product characteristics:

- High process reliability with optimal cutting edge stability thanks to higher KIC values while maintaining the same hardness

- Strong corrosion protection and reduced speed of corrosion

- Stable processes including delicate active parts thanks to enhanced transverse rupture strength and improved tensile strength.

Tool improvement is the basis for maximum economy in the application process.

CERATIZIT offers a systematic approach for the optimisation of the overall system.

This includes both an application-specific grade selection and the possibility of optimising the machining strategy of the production process in order to ensure sustainable development for other applications.

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News & Press:

  • 10/06/2015

    Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT introduces new CF+ grades

    Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT is pleased to showcase its brand-new corrosion-resistant CF+ carbide grades specifically developed for the tool and die industry, for the very first time at Blechexpo 2015 in Stuttgart from 3 to 6 November.

  • 10/02/2015

    New CF+ carbide grades stock programme from Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT

    Corrosion-resistant solutions for tool manufacturing at Blechexpo