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Precision and stability for the fastener production

Extremely long tool life with consistent quality

The mass production of nails, rivets and screws requires highly wear resistant forming tools to achieve a long tool life and minimize down times. Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT offers ground and ready-to-use carbide tools and tool holders that meet these high demands.

Tools for the entire nail production process

Our tools and tooling systems cover all the steps of nail manufacturing. In addition to knives, grippers, punches and feeders for nail making machines, our product portfolio also comprises planetary dies for thread rolling machines.


Clamping tools

Planetary dies for thread rolling machines

The fastening industry uses our tools to produce a broad range of fasteners and special items, e.g. for the construction and shipping pallet industry.

- Nails

- Ring nails

- Screw nails

- (Blind) rivets

- Special items

Carbide tools for the fastening industry
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Innovative carbide solutions
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  • 03/21/2014

    Carbide planetary dies for a long tool life

    Tough, wear-resistant carbide from CERATIZIT for the mass production of nails