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Powerful under extreme conditions

Resilient to the limit

Thanks to special coarse grades, our forging tools withstand high pressures and extreme heat. They resist every kind of abrasion and wear and achieve a long tool life.

Repeatedly high-grade forging

Due to the powder metallurgical properties, the tools achieve consistent quality and forging processes on the work piece.

Hammers and mandrels in premium quality

We manufacture hammers and mandrels for rotary forging according to customer drawings, either semi-finished or completely ground.

Carbide properties:

- Very resistant to wear

- Accurate repeatability



We offer a complete regrinding service for forging tools.


Our mandrels are made according to your specifications. They are completely ground with excellent surface finish and close tolerances.

We produce axial-symmetrical mandrels as well as mandrels with rifling in cemented carbide. We are happy to evaluate and suggest the best alternative according to your specific requirements.

Feeding and recess hammers

All our hammers are produced according to your specifications. We can deliver the hammers either semi-finished or completely ground.

Cemented carbide is usually the best option to produce feeding hammers for cold forging. We also produce recess hammers for cold forging.

When it comes to hot forging, cemented carbide is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized hammers. For longer hammers, our engineers will help you find the most suitable material for your needs.


- Bars

- Tubes


Particularly suited for materials, such as:

- Steel

- Steel and sintered alloys


- Automotive industry

- Defence engineering

- Hot forging

- O.E.M.

The combination of high temperature and heavy, recurring stress make coarse carbide grades the best choice for forging technology. Coarse grades with high binder content guarantee the necessary tool characteristics, making our forging tools very resistant to fatigue and abrasion.

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