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Carbide products for the most demanding requirements in oil and gas

CERATIZIT offers a wide range of premium carbide products for oil and gas applications: optimal standard or tailormade carbide blanks as well as finished products for the most demanding requirements in terms of geometry and grades.

We also develop corrosion-resistant grades specifically for use with oil and gas applications.

Comprehensive product portfolio

We offer you the right product for a diverse range of applications: our products for the oil industry range from drill bits to very complex, large components.

Products for flow control

Cages, pistons, seat rings, seal rings, bearings and bushes, higly engineered steel / carbide assemblies

Products for drilling

Choke valves, highly engineered products for drilling control, mud nozzles for drill heads, stabiliser inserts

High pressure tools for synthesising diamond/PCD and PCBN

  • Choke valves

  • Mud nozzles for drill heads

  • Highly engineered products for drilling control

  • Stabiliser inserts – wear protection for downhole tools

  • Cages

  • Seal rings

  • Pistons

  • Bearings and bushes

  • Seat rings

  • Highly engineered steel / carbide assemblies made of corrosion-resistant special steels and carbide

  • Fully finished cage assemblies to your customised design and material specifications

- Oil industry:

Oil and gas extraction: downstream (all steps in the production process where the oil or gas passes through after recovery) and upstream (the extraction and recovery of oil and gas).

As a specialist in hard material technology, CERATIZIT is the development partner of experts in the field of high-tech components, offering products and services that stand out on an international scale of comparison.

As one of the leading carbide producers worldwide, CERATIZIT is able to fulfil most of the standards required for the oil and gas industry upon request (e.g. ASTM E165 for Liquid Penetrant Examination).

Our ISO 9001 certification confirms that we comply with the strict technical specifications you require from suppliers.

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High-pressure tools for
synthesising diamond/PCD and PCBN
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