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Premium solutions for mills

Save production costs thanks to long tool life

Our high-quality carbide grades are characterised by excellent wear resistance, toughness and surface quality. This is why they are ideal for long-term utilisation with high rolling forces and temperatures.

The optimal solution for your individual requirements

According to the application, we provide various carbide grades and sintered rolls in different sizes as well as semi-finished and ready-to-use rolls suitable for all fields of application. The rolls are available with or without groove. Furthermore we also produce silicon nitride rolls which show exceptional performance as guide rolls or pressure rolls.

Our carbide grades possess the perfect properties for economic hot rolling. They withstand high stress, simultaneously achieving considerably longer service life as well as better surface quality and dimensional accuracy compared to rolls made of steel or cast iron.

Carbide properties:

- Wear resistance

- Fracture toughness

- High compressive strength

- Fatigue strength

- Thermal shock resistance

Available in carbide:

- Carbide rolls for No-Twist mills (CTE product family)

- Guide and pressure rolls (ready to use)

- Composite rolls for conventional hot rolling lines

Available in ceramic (silicon nitride):

- Guide and pressure rolls (ready to use) can be supplied in a range of outer diameter D = 30 to D = 180 mm.


- Mills

- Automotive industry

- Steel mills

- Customised solutions

Particularly suitable for the following materials:

- From classical constructional steel to high-alloyed steels

- Non-ferrous metals

Premium hot rolls
made of cemented carbide and ceramic
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