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Premium material: silicon nitride

Why silicon nitride?

Next to carbide, ceramic is one of the most important materials: it is applied when conventional materials are not able to achieve the necessary performance. Characterised by its low density, ceramic demonstrates mechanic stability and also has low thermal conductivity properties. Silicon nitride, in particular, also convincingly demonstrates its high resistance to thermal shock.

Exactly the solution you are looking for

Solutions from CERATIZIT offer you maximum flexibility. Simply inform us of the geometries and dimensions that you require and we will deliver accordingly. You can benefit from our long-standing expertise along the entire value added chain, as only CERATIZIT manages hard material production from the raw material to the ready-to-use component. Our products are developed to meet our ISO 9001 certification.


- Silicon nitride is corrosion-resistant – even with aggressive media.

- The mechanical properties are optimal up to 1,200°C.

- This type of ceramic is extremely hard – even at maximum temperatures.

- In the long run it excels with optimal damage tolerance.

- Good friction properties are guaranteed.

- High specific resistance overcomes any special challenge.

- It has a unique resistance to thermal shock.

- Thermal expansion is very low.

- Si₃N₄ has a very low specific weight.

- Low density makes many things possible.


- Bearings

- Guide rolls

- Rods

Our grade SNCB5 is certified as material for roller bearings with leading manufacturers of the sector.



Various application fields due to the properties of Si3N4, for example.:

- Machine building industry

- Wire drawing and metal forming technology

- Welding technology

- Foundry technology

- High temperature technology

- Rolling bearings

- Powder technology

- Food technology

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Premium material silicon nitride
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