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The right blank for every cut

Requirements for hard metal materials are very high in the precision tooling industry. Our tooling blanks guarantee a long tool life, good parallelism and reliable concentricity. Thanks to our wide range of grades, we offer the optimal solution for every application.

Perfectly prepared to your needs

During our creation of the tooling blanks we place great value on your ability to further process the products efficiently with marginal effort: we guarantee precise finishes with low tolerances, a repeatable flatness as well as low grinding allowances.

Standard programme and custom-made products

Our E-Techstore offers a direct look into our standard programme, including inventory, and further simplifies the ordering process. Outside of this programme, we can additionally produce nearly any dimension – whether it’s a blank or a pre-ground disk. We have developed the intuitive configurator tool GO2.0 on our E-Techstore, where you will be able to configure your non-standard blanks incl. features in a few clicks. If you wish to have access, please contact our Customer Service.

Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT offers a wide range of standard and customized circular hard metal discs from Ø8mm up to Ø400mm. Our team of experts helps you finding the optimum solution for your application and our catalogue provides common sizes of blanks from stock.


Our products benefit from the following properties of tungsten carbide:

- High wear resistance

- Good machining properties

- Fracture toughness

- Good parallelism and concentricity


The following executions are possible, among others:

- As sintered with low grinding allowance (“near net shape” technology)

- Additional features possible: keyways, holes, preformed teeth, chamfers, grooves

- Pre-ground (thickness, bore, OD, eroded keyway)

Our circular saw blades are specially designed for cutting tools manufacturers.

They can be used for cutting the following material types, among others:

- Metal

- Plastic

- Cardboard

- Wood

- Composite material

Circular tooling blanks
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