Competent partner for perfectly suited solutions

No matter for which application or sector, you will always get a perfectly suited hard material solution from us as an efficient replacement for your wear parts. Whether an individual development, tailor-made or standard products for your tool and die construction department or specifically developed carbide grades for metal forming, our metallurgical knowledge guarantees you more stable processes whilst increasing your productivity.

Individual solutions for your application

Benefit from a large product portfolio constantly adapted to your needs. From the ball-point for ball-point pens to high-pressure tools weighing over 700 kg for the production of synthetic diamonds, for any application you can imagine we can find an individual carbide or ceramic solution which will efficiently replace your previous wear parts. Receive your tailor-made tools with maximum precision, as we grind in the micron range ourselves, maximum precision guaranteed!

Trust the market leader in the field of tool and die production

For your tool and die production we offer you both tailor-made and standard products. With our corrosion-resistant CF carbide grades, we are always a step ahead in terms of metallurgy, ensuring reliable and stable processes. Moreover, you will remain flexible as we guarantee short delivery times.

A competent partner in metal forming

Specially developed carbide grades ensure decisive competitive edges also in metal forming. The particularly tough carbides resist up to 500 tonnes in the metal forming machines. Use the extremely wear-resistant grades for example for the drawing of steel cord with a compressive strength of up to 4,000 MPa. Furthermore, our carbides also show excellent resistance to extreme temperatures when cutting steel bars at 1,300 °C.