As a technological leader, we constantly review our product portfolio and continue to develop it. As a result we can be sure of supplying you with high-performance products at all times.

With us, you are at the forefront of technological development.

Our use of the most up-to-date technologies and materials ensures that you will be even more profitable in future.

Work with us to set new market trends – together, we can develop new products that are perfectly suited to your application. We have a number of close confidence-based partnerships with customers, project partners and universities which have been maintained for several decades now.

We focus on the right solution for you, not on the development of our product. Decades of experience in producing carbide inserts for wood and metal working have enabled us to accumulate a vast amount of knowledge in these fields. To ensure an optimal performance on all levels, we always consider the carbide properties, the manufacturing of the finished tool and the requirements of the end-user.

Our strengths:

- Ongoing development of carbide grades and expansion of the product range
- Modelling and fundamental research for the products of the future
- Benefit from synergies: all the resources of the CERATIZIT Group’s fundamental research programme are at our disposal
- Development of specific solutions for various applications – always in line with current market requirements
- Experienced and well-trained carbide specialists
- Vast experience in advanced development techniques, e.g. joining technologies like laser beam welding or brazing

Our innovations for you:

- We are your innovation specialist: 35% of our products are younger than 5 years

Our most recent developments:

- Corrosion-resistant KCR grades
- Cermet grade for metal working
- PCD inserts
- Knife coating for a more precise cut
- Optimised geometry for strobe blanks