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High-performance stone cutting tips for drilling the hardest construction materials

The hardest metals for high-performance applications

Core drill tips are subject to extreme stress when they drill at high speed. To ensure that the tips achieve a long service life, we have developed high-quality carbide grades specifically designed for stone drilling.

The optimal solution for your individual application

Our decades of experience and knowledge in the development of innovative stone and rock drilling solutions and up-to-date technology are the major factors which ensure that our customers obtain optimised product performance of their tools.


- Semi-finished

- Coated ready to braze


Carbide properties:

Depending on the grade, the properties vary accordingly:

- Wear-resistant - even when drilling into very abrasive concretes

- Sufficiently tough, e.g. when encountering reinforcements

- Hard

- High compressive strength

- Impact-resistant

- High transverse rupture strength

Our carbide core drill tips are designed for the machining of materials with high hardness, e.g. concrete, reinforced concrete, natural stone, masonry materials. Based on these extreme applications, we have developed several carbide grades which are characterised by varying compositions of binder and the tungsten carbide and various grain sizes. The variation of properties allows us to provide a suitable grade solution for every application.

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