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Efficient. Cost-saving. Competitive.

Extensive product portfolio:

- We manufacture customised blanks according to the customer’s requirements

- The large variety of our range includes simple as well as very complex geometries

- Our production options coupled with our carbide grade selection, enable our customers to match their products perfectly to market requirements

Competitive advantage:

- With our new cobalt surface treatment, you can benefit from easier and faster brazing.

Tailormade products and complex geometries:

- Customised products

- Production capacity and equipment combined with experience form the basis for simple geometries in high volumes as well as very complex geometries in small batches

Extensive product range:

- Blanks for drill tips

- Teeth for milling cutters

- Fingerjoint tips

Innovation Highlights: Wood and metal working
Nr. 700

Your global partner for wood and metal working
Nr. 684

Your partner for wood sawing
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Your partner for metal sawing
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Your partner for wood machining
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Your partner for technical support
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Your partner for wood working

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