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Improved carbide grades for wood sawing offer you even more flexibility: whether it's for softwood or for hardwood, for the sawing of fibre or particle boards or for circular or band saws - our continuously growing selection of KCR grades has successfully proved its worth on the market. They are extremely corrosion-resistant, extraordinarily tough and highly wear-resistant which results in an increase of the tool life of up to 20%. In this way we provide toolmakers with decisive competitive advantages.

Innovative development

CERATIZIT’s extensive knowledge of the woodworking market allows us to develop new standards in saw tooth design along with special carbide grades. For example the new saw tip series 60000 with a modified geometry reduces brazing time stresses and offers an overall reduction in saw blade fabrication.

  • 60000 Style

    A radius replaces the previous angle


    - Faster brazing

    - More homogeneous carbide / tool structure

    - Weight reduction

  • Canadian Style

    Dimensions available in inches

  • Hollow Style


    - Panel sawing

    - Enhanced chip evacuation

  • Pre-tinned

    Simplify your brazing process

    Pre-tinning material:

    - Tri-foil

    - Pure silver

  • Straight Style

    Plenty of sizes and different angles available

  • U.S. Style

    Dimensions available in inches


For circular saw tips, we offer a broad variety of geometries: different sizes and angles and radii are available from stock, in metric and inch measures. Of course we also offer other dimensions on demand. Our saw tips are also available with pre-tinning to simplify your brazing process.

All our strobe blanks are available in a large range of sizes.

In addition to our standard strobe blanks which are also available pre-tinned, we now offer a further innovative design with a 7° side angle which allows a crucial material reduction.


We offer balls, cylinders and segments for the production of band saws. In addition to our standard product portfolio, we provide all specific designs on request.

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