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Carbide recycling: environmentally friendly, sustainable & cost-effective

It couldn't be easier! We take care of the entire process. Just write us an e-mail at recycling@ceratizit.com.


Conserving resources and our environmental responsibility: recycling at CERATIZIT

By deliberately conserving limited primary resources, we aim to significantly increase the proportion of recovered materials using carbide recycling. What's more, by recycling secondary materials CERATIZIT is limiting the damage caused by intensive mining, such as air, water and soil pollution, as well as the use of large amounts of energy.

Social and environmental responsibility by minimising energy consumption

The objective of the CERATIZIT Group's supply policy is also to minimise dependencies on individual regions and suppliers, and to use raw materials from conflict-free and sustainable sources. Over 80% of the primary production of tungsten takes place in the People's Republic of China and over 60% of cobalt is mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

CERATIZIT only enters into business relationships with members of the TI-CMC, who are considered conflict-free tungsten manufacturers or are in the process of being verified. CERATIZIT is a founding member of the TI-CMC (Tungsten Industry Conflict Minerals Council) working group, which developed a standardised approach to enable it to check tungsten manufacturers' compliance with the guidelines. With the support of the TI-CMC we campaign for the conflict-free procurement of tungsten and are committed to upholding the TI-CMC guidelines. Further information can be found here: www.ti-cmc.org.

Benefits for you: we complete the cycle, from the secondary raw material to the finished product

Not only externally, but also in its internal processes the CERATIZIT Group steadily optimises the yield and prevents secondary raw materials from accumulating. The regrinding service we offer our customers also makes a major contribution to sustainability.

Our repurchase price for carbides is always based on the current market price. We organise the entire process for you and also provide free, quantity-specific collection containers and transport solutions.


Certified recycling procedures – high-quality carbide grades

The CERATIZIT Group has developed certified procedures in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which involve converting carbide products into reusable powder after use. The aim is to fully recycle used carbide using as little energy as possible. There are two different processes for returning the end products to their constituent materials:

▲ The thermal zinc process (for high carbide content with very low use of chemicals)

▲ The chemical process (for powders or low carbide content with very low energy consumption)