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Research and training centre for cutting tools

We opened our first Tooling Academy in Reutte, Austria – our centre of excellence for metal cutting. Then, in 2011, in order to be closer to our Asia-based customers, we established a second Tooling Academy in Tianjin, China.

The pathway to innovative tools

As with all machining processes, the performance of the overall system is essential: machine, spindle, and tool all have to be perfectly matched to one another, in order to guarantee efficient production and high-quality results.

Before launching any new or further developed products into the market, our tools undergo comprehensive hardness tests in our Tooling Academy, where practical conditions ensure realistic results and provide insight into optimum machining parameters.

If a customer has a problem within a certain cutting process, we analyse their work piece and materials. With practical tests and the subsequent simulations, we are able to deliver concrete tooling recommendations or even develop and manufacture a customer-specific tool.

Properly trained. Competent in the field.

It is important to us, that our employees and dealers know every detail of our cutting tools. We train them at our Tooling Academy on the same machines that our customers use. For us, selecting the proper tool with the ideal parameters for the appropriate application is obvious.

Machining processes are only efficient and successful if the machine operators are also competently trained on the tool they are using - to this end, we hold many customer-specific seminars at our Tooling Academy.

Dr. Uwe Schleinkofer, head of the R&D cutting tool department: “We are realistically reconstructing the entire machining process. As a result, we develop innovative tools, find the perfect tooling solution for each application, as well as competently train customers and sales personnel with practical expertise”.

Decades of experience

Our application engineers in both of our Tooling Academies have at their disposal the comprehensive know-how in the field of machining– from processes all the way to exotic materials.

Modern equipment

In the Tooling Academy in Reutte, there are seven high-tech lathes and milling machines ready and waiting for all kinds of tests, as well as another three machines for cutting in Tianjin.

  • 3 and 5 axle milling machine
  • HSC milling centre
  • Bed-type milling machine
  • Heavy duty milling machine
  • Lathe
  • Turn-milling centre
  • Heavy duty lathe
  • NC turret lathe