100 years of concentrated expertise – high-tech pioneers setting the pace for innovations

A hundred years ago nobody thought about smartphones, tablets, computer tomography scanners or composite materials for the aerospace industry, but nonetheless in 1921 a significant milestone was passed. When Dr Paul Schwarzkopf founded Metallwerk Plansee GmbH on 24 June 1921 he not only paved the way for the industrial manufacture of tungsten and molybdenum products – and thus for countless product developments of modern life – he also laid the foundations for the CERATIZIT Group resulting from the 2002 merger of Plansee Tizit and Luxembourg-based CERAMETAL.

  • The consistent leitmotif of the company’s history: a passion for innovation

    Everything that we take for granted today – electric light in the home, information and entertainment in handy smartphone format, travel to new worlds –  has been based on the findings and achievements of indefatigable pioneers who continuously move the limits of what is technically feasible. If back then it was all about tungsten threads for light bulbs, components for the early automotive industry or fundamental innovations in medical technology, the shape of things to come in the field of high-tech applications remains a completely open question – though we can be sure that the path will continue to be determined by visionary innovators also in future. This gives us all the more cause for satisfaction that our product range of cutting tools and hard material solutions represents a reliable basis for future innovative developments. 

    With over 1000 patents and utility models, the wide range of our product portfolio results from our corporate approach: consistent creativity and sustainable passion for innovation are written in our DNA. At present this results in over 75,000 innovative products, progressive machining methods and state-of-the-art service, with the help of which our customers can in turn create new products. Amongst these are components for energy transmission and medical technology, consumer electronics, semiconductor manufacturing and the construction industry, as well as road building and railway and aerospace engineering. Mostly such components operate ‘under the bonnet’ of numerous products in daily use, such as smartphones, tablets and computers, medical devices like computer tomography scanners and even luxury goods like high-quality chronographs.

    100 years anniversary
  • 100 years anniversary

    One material, countless possibilities

    Specialising in cemented carbide solutions, CERATIZIT manages the entire process chain: from the ore concentrate all the way to customer-specific tools and components. The essential basis for this is the clear positioning of two distinct company divisions, Cutting Tool Solutions and Hard Material Solutions – the latter covering parts for wear protection, combined with a reliable and long-term supply of raw materials.

    Cemented carbides have been a presence on the market for more than 100 years and their possible applications are virtually unlimited. When it comes to wear parts and cutting tools, we are always searching for new challenges – as for any challenge we can always come up with the right tailor-made solution. 

    Thanks to this approach and the passion of our employees, we at CERATIZIT can proudly call ourselves an innovation leader and global player in the cemented carbide industry. We set the pace in many futuristic sectors such as e-mobility, power engineering and medical systems, and are also the driving force for new machining methods and technologies like additive manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, AI solutions and our revolutionary FreeTurn process. Digitalisation for us is definitely more than just a buzz word: our smart e-commerce solutions like the online configurator have become firmly established, as has our support app LiveTechPro, providing the basis for extraordinary customer service.

A tradition of thinking ahead and creating the new

Progress is advancing today by leaps and bounds, thus requiring prescience and far-sightedness from those who want to keep up. This is particularly important when – as in our case – your customers’ success is the first priority. This is what motivates us to continue evolving and adapting ourselves to new situations, to go on anticipating future trends and exceeding expectations. Our customers can thus always count on top-quality services and on being treated as equal partners. When our customers’ interests are at stake, we leave no stone unturned. We make our whole knowledge base available to our customers with our in-house innovation centres, seminars and training courses.


We do not accept limits, least of all when it comes to the development of new technologies or product-related sustainable solutions. Sometimes we collaborate with our customers to this end, but their success is always uppermost. In this context we work together in interdisciplinary and above all cross-company teams, often with the aim of realising unconventional and revolutionary ideas, quite in the spirit of the pioneering work of our company founder.


We are proud of our 100 years of experience and advanced knowledge, adding up in the end to a fruitful combination of pioneering thinking and innovative creativity. This results in the development of technologically ground-breaking and intelligent products, which ensure that our customers are always the first who can face the challenges of the future with equanimity.