Stone Working

  • stone working

    Longer service life for your tools

    Wear protection for mineral extraction, stone quarrying, road construction, agricultural and brick manufacturing industries

    Our carbide tools are used wherever machining abrasive components. They are wear-resistant, extremely hard and tough at the same time. Carbide tools and tips from CERATIZIT offer the toolmaker and end-user a material which offers abrasion resistance with toughness to prolong tool life and save production downtime and cost.

  • Stone quarrying, road construction, agricultural industry: the right product for each application

    To meet the challenging demands of each individual application CERATIZIT have developed a range of grades and solutions that meet the individual requirements when machining stone, marble, ceramic, tarmac and a range of other abrasive components.

    stone working

    Product details

    • stone working

      Brick industry


      • As sintered
      • Part or completely ground
      • Individual components or complete assemblies
      • Corrosion-resistant materials can be provided at customer request
    • Stone working

      Stone quarrying


      • As sintered
      • Part or completely ground
      • Corrosion-resistant materials can be provided to customer request
    • Stone working

      Tile cutting machinery


      • As sintered
      • Part or completely ground
      • Coated parts can be supplied to customer request
    • Stone working

      Concrete roof tiles industry


      • As sintered
      • Part or completely ground
      • Ready-to-use

    Carbide properties

    • Wear-resistant
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Fracture toughness
    • High compressive strength

    Application range

    We offer, a wide range of different  products for:


    • Stone extraction / quarrying applications (e.g. marble)
    • Stone machining (e.g. tile cutting)
    • Brick manufacturing industry
    • Concrete roof tiles


    Our drill tips and carbide blanks come in CERATIZIT grades CTE20A and CTE30RC, both coarse grain size materials, which have been designed to meet the demanding applications in road construction and for stone quarrying.


    Stone cutting inserts are available as a standard typically in either fine or medium grain size grades i.e. CTM12A and CTF12Y for tile cutting wheels.


    Concrete roof tiles tools are available in fine and submicron grades with possible corrosion resistance properties.


    The CERATIZIT grades have been engineered to meet the performance demands of each application.