Hot Forming

  • hot forming technology

    Increased productivity and quality of the cut surface

    Shear blades for hot forming applications

    Our shear blades for hot forming applications are made of a special hard material suitable for hot forming at working temperatures up to 1,300°C. They are used in automatic hot forging machines for steel bar shearing up to a diameter of 45 mm.

Increased productivity and improved quality of the cut surface

Hard material blades grant a much longer tool life compared to other tool materials.

    Product Details

    • hot forming technology
      • Shear blades with brazed carbide insert for automatic hot forging machines
      • Shearing diameters from 14 to 45 mm


      Carbide properties:

      • Wear resistance
      • Fracture toughness
      • Heat resistance
    • Application Range

      Hot forming for the:

      • Automotive industry
      • Fastening industry



      • Steel
      Application Range