Rods for wood working

  • wood rod

    Tailored grades and surface finish for high performance in wood working

    We offer a wide range of solid carbide rods for the manufacturing of milling cutters and drills for woodworking. Rods made of submicron grades which were specially developed for wood working are able to achieve high cutting speeds along with maximum wear resistance. Whether it is for machining hardwood, softwood, chipboard, MDF or HDF – we can help you choose the most suitable grade for your application. 

Decades of experience in extruding have enabled us to develop an economically efficient production process, so we can offer you an excellent price-performance ratio.

Maximum security

All rods are ground with a matt finish. This finish reduces the risk of tool slippage from the collet holder even at high rotational speeds.

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      Ground a6


      Carbide properties:

      • Wear resistance with high toughness: resulting in increased tool life, reduction in number of tool changes, reduced regrinding and lower production costs
      • Resistant to corrosion: protection against chemical influences such as resin
      • Resistant to oxidation: protection against thermal influences
      • Resistant to abrasion: protection against mechanical wear
      wood rod
    • wood rod

      Application range

      Thanks to our large selection, we can offer you the suitable grade for almost every application. For example, with our products you can machine the following materials:

      • Particle boards (also with melamine coating)
      • Medium and high-density fibreboard
      • Hard and soft wood
      • Composite materials


    • wood rod