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  • Planer Knives

    Spiral cutter head knives

    Highly profitable

    Our spiral cutter head knives are smaller and have a lower weight compared to the standard planer blades. The planer knives can be turned three times before they have to be changed, so tool life is very long. You can change the knives one per one, leaving you with a great flexibility.


    High quality surface

    When working with our spiral cutter head knives, the surface of the wood will have a very high quality: extra polishing of the surface is not necessary anymore, so you save time and money in the further processing.

Perfectly adapted to the application

Our spiral cutter head knives are available in three different carbide grades. According to the application and needs, we are happy to recommend the most suitable grade for you.

    • Product Details

      Large standard programme in the main dimensions 14x14 and 15x15 mm, available also in corrosion resistant grades for challenging cutting conditions

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