• strips

    Maximised tool life

    Perfect results

    Our rectangular strips are highly wear-resistant even at high cutting speeds, providing ideal conditions for the production of high-quality wood machining tools.


    New carbide grade KCR18+

    We are now offering our strips in the recently developed carbide grade KCR18+, combining corrosion resistance with higher performance: thanks to its toughness, you can even work on non-homogeneous parts without chipping.

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    Advantages & Benefits

    Fewer changes necessary due to tool wear 

    Minimised downtime increases productivity


    Consistent cutting quality

    Little or no further processing needed 


    Improved surface quality 

    Cost savings


    Less wear

    Better life cycle assessment within production and reduced waste disposal costs


    Compatible with existing tooling systems

    No acquisition costs

    Product Details




    Carbide properties:

    • Wear resistance with high toughness à resulting in increased tool life, reduction in number of tool changes, reduced grinding and lower production costs.
    • Resistant to corrosion: for protection against chemical influences such as resin
    • Resistant to oxidation: for protection against thermal influences
    • Resistant to abrasion: for protection against mechanical wear

    Application Range

    • Thanks to our large selection, we can offer you the suitable grade for almost every application. For example, with our products you can machine the following materials:

      • Hard wood
      • Soft wood


    • strips