For wood sawing, we offer a large portfolio of saw tips for circular sawing, with a wide variety of geometries: different sizes, angles and radii are available in metric and inch measures. Of course, other than our large standard catalogue, we also offer other dimensions on demand. Our saw tips are also available with pre-tinning to simplify your brazing process. All our carbide grades can be surface treated to simplify your brazing or welding process, resulting in higher process reliability and a better performance potential thanks to the improved ratio of hardness to fracture toughness.

Circular Saw Tips

Circular Saw Tips

Based on our deep expertise in woodworking, we have developed the following styles of saw tips: Straight Style, US Style, Canadian Style, US Style Alternate Top, Canadian Style Alternate Top, Radius 60000 Style, Hollow Style. Whether it is for cutting primary wood or panel sawing, you can ...

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