Fuel Injection Systems

  • Your solution for maximum requirements

    Your solution for maximum requirements

    Excellent dimensional accuracy

    No matter whether you produce diesel cars and utility vehicles or large diesel motor systems used in trains, marine vessels, construction machines or for power generation: with products from Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT featuring excellent dimensional accuracy, you can count on premium components that stand out with maximum precision, best compressive strength and maximum durability – all of which are decisive quality parameters for your applications.

Top quality with hard materials

Cemented carbide and ceramic are naturally superior as compared to conventional materials in wear resistance and component performance and are becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry and for large diesel engines.

    Product Details

    Top products for injection technology

    CERATIZIT products are produced in a sophisticated and highly developed manufacturing process – by the only supplier who manages the entire process chain of carbide production from the raw material all the way to the final product and are designed based on your individual specifications – with strict confidentiality always upheld.

    • Pistons


      • Maximum compressive strength


      • Minimum length tolerances as well as maximum requirements regarding flatness and parallelism of the front faces
    • Valve Plates

      Valve Plates

      • Maximum precision in terms of roundness and straightness


      • Flat sealing surfaces


      • PVD and CVD or diamond coating


      • High requirements regarding flatness of the blank and the finished part


      • Minimal hole diameters possible
    • Control Plates & Pins

      Control plates & pins

      • Flat sealing surfaces


      • Close positioning tolerances of the holes on the blank


      • Maximum precision in terms of roundness and straightness
    • Valve Needles

      Valve Needles

      • Maximum precision in terms of roundness and straightness
    • Balls


      • Maximum precision

    Advantages & Benefits

    Quality certified to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 for maximum requirements.

    Stable processes and highest standards in production and administration.


    Maximum precision, perfect dimensional accuracy, process capability, stabily, wear resistance.

    Shape and dimensions are garanteed throughout the entire work cycle; higher productivity, increased efficiency.


    Optimal comprehensive strength at the highest system pressure.

    The most demanding requirements are fulfilled in mechanical assemblies of state-of-the-art CRD injectors.


    Higher rigidity in high-pressure components proviedes advantages in terms of expansion and deformation behaviour as well as high surface quality.

    Otimal leakage properties.


    Corrosion-resistant grades and ceramic products (alternative to cemented carbide).

    To most suitable solution for every application.


    Up-to-date machine park with the possibility of direct pressing; all grinding and testing machines are state-at-the-art.

    Economic high-volume production of prismatic or nozzle-like components; measuring possibilities as with the customer.

    • ISO Certifications

      ISO Certifications

      As a specialist in hard material technology, CERATIZIT is the development partner of experts in the field of components and synonymous with product and service quality for high-tech components that stand out when compared internationally.


      As one of the leading carbide producers worldwide, we fulfil the demanding quality standards of the automotive sector. Certifications to IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 confirm that we comply with the strict technical specifications you require from your suppliers.

    Application range


    Automotive industry

    Carbide is applicable wherever there is demand for great resistance to deformation and high compressive strength under high pressure influence, and where abrasive and corrosive materials affect structural components, such as in places where wear due to friction can appear.


    We provide solutions for the automotive industry in the following applications, among others:


    • Injection pumps
    • Engine components
    • Common rail diesel injectors
    • Locking pins