• Erosion

    Efficiency. Precision. Process security.

    High speed with long service life

    Our erosion material is substantially more resistant against abrasive wear than conventional electrodes made from copper/brass. Therefore, the consumption rate of the contact material is lowered and, in turn, the tool life is lengthened enabling higher possible feed rates.

Precise grinding for successful erosion

Success factors are exact positioning accuracy and minimal run-out during the erosion process, particularly with small diameters and deep holes. Automatically inserting electrodes happens seamlessly thanks to the precise polish grinding and h6 tolerances.

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  • Eroding

    Product details

    We offer:
    • Eroding rods, ready for use
    • Erosion tubes, ready for use
    • Cloverleaf tube, ready for use
    • Multi-channel EDM tubes, ready for use
    • Customised sticks and tubes with different Inner moulds, in sintered design
  • Application range

    Our high-quality erosion material is used successfully in every industry that requires extremely precise holes.

    • Automotive industry
    • Electric and electronic industry
    • Gas and aircraft turbine construction
    • Medical systems
    • Watch and clock industry
    • Tool and die production


Our solutions for eroding are particularly suited for materials, such as:

  • Carbide
  • Metals
  • Conductive materials

Carbide properties

Our carbide grades for eroding are

  • Wear-resistant,
  • Rigid, 
  • Solid, 
  • Accurately positioned.

It is possible to cut to size without burrs. As a result, deviations on the form that is to be eroded, can be excluded and the burr does not have to be removed manually.