Anvil & Dies

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    Highly precise tools for extreme applications

    Resistant material for very complex applications

    Long-standing experience and comprehensive expertise in powder metallurgy give our high-pressure tools a competitive advantage and characterise them by an extremely high carbide quality. They are enormously resistant to pressure and high temperatures and are distinguished by their long tool life.

Because our products are used in very challenging fields, such as when manufacturing polycrystalline diamonds (i.e. for PDC), or when analysing the chemical and physical properties of the earth, quality and reliability are our first priorities – our 35 years of experience in manufacturing tools for synthetic diamonds have made sure of that.

    Advantages & Benefits

    High-quality carbides: extremely fracture-resistant

    Long tool life, fewer interruptions to production, consistent performance over the long term.


    Dimensional accuracy

    High finishing precision.


    Resistant to compressive pressure

    Ideal for high-pressure processes.


    Carbide cubes and pyramids are custom made in various sizes and geometries

    Available for every application: fully customised solutions.


    Penetrant crack testing according to: ASTM-E.1220.10, ASTM-E.165.9, ASTM-E.543.9, ASTM-E.433.71, DIN-EN.473 und DIN-ISO.3452.2

    Reliable high quality carbide.


    Certified product and process quality according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001

    Optimal solutions for your production, fast delivery times; leading reliability.

    • Product details

      Processing puts extreme stresses on high-pressure tools. Components have to withstand very high pressures and temperatures. You can depend on our specially controlled carbide grades; a range of grades that consistently demonstrate peak performance and deliver reliability, security and efficiency.

      This means premium quality for high-pressure processes and: Custom-fit solutions with metallurgical properties that are geared precisely to your needs. 

      Anvils and dies
    • Cubic

      Cubic anvil system

      The production of ultra-hard materials frequently uses cubic anvil systems. This production method makes extreme demands on the pressure toughness of built-in elements.

      Consequently, the anvils have to be durable and fracture-resistant to work efficiently in high-pressure processes. Carbide offers all of the material qualities that are necessary: Compressive strength is particularly important.

      The working surface can be supplied in a variety of different dimensions.

    • Belt system

      The die system is a proven technique among manufacturers of large-diameter polycrystalline diamonds:

      The tools are essential here, as they are exposed to enormous alternating loads.

    • Production of diamonds

      Application range

      Our high-pressure tools are used for the:

      • Production of industrial diamonds, CBN and PCD with the help of high-pressure procedures, e. g. for the production of extremely hard drill bits.
      • Analysis of the physical and chemical properties of the earth, often used, for example, by geologists.