Sealing Rings

  • sealing rings

    Rings and discs with high compressive strength

    Reliably tight

    Sealing rings in pumps are stressed due to friction and high pressure. Our carbide sealing rings are extraordinarily resistant to pressure, wear, heat and corrosion. These success factors make for a considerably longer seal life and at the same time still reduce maintenance work.

    Product Details

    • Finish:

      • As sintered
      • Ground and ready to use


      Carbide properties:

      • Wear-resistant
      • Corrosion-resistant
      • Heat-resistant
      • High compressive strength
      sealing rings

    Application Range

    • sealing rings

      Pump manufacturers, e.g. for: high pressure pumps used in drain and sewer cleaning applications, as the sealing rings are especially intended for waste water due to their high compressive strength and corrosion resistance.