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    CERATIZIT is the acknowledged global leader for developing and manufacturing innovative carbide solutions.

    But we are so much more than just a regular component supplier. Thanks to our state-of-the-art services, we are your perfect partner if you want to be always one step ahead of the competition. You can count on us always to meet your needs and expectations with a high quality service level.

    Thanks to the extensive skills, capacities and experience within the entire CERATIZIT Group, we are able to offer you outstanding quality.

    Contact us to find out how and on what terms we can support you.

    Supplying solutions, not just products: our best-in-class services for the industry

    The complex world of cemented carbide offers innumerable application possibilities and holds vast potential.

    Our quite extensive IT tools are ideal for tapping this potential, for example in connection with configurators and digital interfaces. We are also convincingly engaged with forward-looking issues like sustainable recycling, application engineering and additive manufacturing. And we are happy to share our knowledge, offering comprehensive customer support and consulting services. Best-in-class logistics and specific supply options add the final touch to our service package.

    We offer both standardised and customised services, so they match your individual needs in the best possible way. 

    Together, we will analyse your situation and discuss which services are suitable to add value to our partnership.

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