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Solid carbide and cermet rods in various grades and sizes

The ideal grade for every application

Our wide and innovative grade range satisfies the exacting demands of the modern precision tooling industry. You can find the ideal grade specific to all materials and applications. With the addition of CTS30D to the CTS grade generation, additional extra-tough carbide grades perfectly suited for machining under difficult conditions are now available.

Acknowledged quality

Our solid carbide rods are known throughout the world for constantly providing maximum quality. You can rely on our products as a basis for consistent performance capacity of your tools.

Extensive product portfolio available in stock

Our programme offers you a wide range of dimensions, features and capabilities. Additionally, we will provide you with swift supply of the ideal product for your individual application.

- As sintered

- Mirror-polished to



- Metric and inch dimensions

- Diameter: 1.00 mm to 46.20 mm

- Standard length: 330 mm

For the production of high-quality solid carbide tools such as milling cutters, drills or reamers.

Our grade range covers the ISO application range K05 to K40, from machining carbon steel through to composite materials, non-ferrous metals and on to the demanding requirements of heat-resistant alloys.

Rods made of cermet and special grades for diamond coating complete our range of products.

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