AgriCarb on Tour

CERATIZIT is thrilled to introduce its brand new line of products for the Agricultural segment during the 2023 Tour de France Femmes.


Since the acquisition of AgriCarb SAS in September 2022, CERATIZIT has been cultivating this new portfolio of products, while further developing its presence across the agricultural sector.

We invite you to take a closer look at our wide variety of carbide tools for different agricultural applications.

The Tour de France Femmes is the perfect occasion to showcase our entire scope of products. Why? As the tour winds its way through many of the landscapes our solutions are used in, we can shine a light on all the different types of agricultural tillage and soil that play a significant role.

AgriCarb on Tour

Download our map of “AgriCarb on Tour” to discover more.

For every stage of the tour de France Femmes, we will unveil a product segment and an array of innovative tools associated to the history of the French landscape the tour passes through on that stage. 

  • Map: “AgriCarb on Tour”
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We are happy to celebrate the CERATIZIT and AgriCarb sponsorship of the CERATIZIT WNT Pro Cycling team during the tour de France Femmes 2023.


Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more: contact@agricarb.com or hardmaterialsolutions@ceratizit.com   

AgriCarb on Tour
  • Day 1. Sunday July 23rd


    AgriCarb on Tour
  • AgriCarb on Tour

    Day 2. Monday July 24th


  • Day 3. Tuesday July 25th


    AgriCarb on Tour
  • AgriCarb on Tour

    Day 4. Wednesday July 26th


  • Day 5. Thursday July 27th


    AgriCarb on Tour
  • AgriCarb on Tour

    Day 6. Friday July 28th


  • Day 7. Saturday July 29th


    AgriCarb on Tour
  • AgriCarb on Tour

    Day 8. Sunday July 30th