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"Right Up Our Alley – Just Our Thing" rocks the CERATIZIT marketing campaign

CERATIZIT's rock band Metal Injection are showing that their single "CERATIZIT (This is it)" is more than just a one-hit wonder. The group are now releasing their follow-up with "Right Up Our Alley – Just Our Thing", an incredibly catchy rock anthem that provides the musical theme for our "Just Our Thing!" campaign. It just goes to show that creativity is also strong outside of the R&D department at CERATIZIT – with top-quality metal that's sure to have staying power on the everyone's playlists. 


    A razor-sharp guitar riff, a couple of heavy-hitting keyboard sounds, and you're right in the middle of the new song by CERATIZIT rock band Metal Injection. Blending the bell-like tones of a Rhodes piano, distinctive vocals and lyrics introducing CERATIZIT's "Just Our Thing" campaign, this tune has an irresistible impact on the ears. Despite the occasional hint of greats like TOTO and Supertramp, there's no question this song is a Metal Injection production that's looking to be played on heavy rotation on the streaming platform of your choice.

Catchy rock: Just Our Thing!

  • CERATIZIT's very own rock band Metal Injection is made up of employees working at the tool manufacturer and was founded almost 15 years ago. Since then, colleagues from the Research and Development, IT, Technical Training, Logistics and other departments have met regularly after work to let their inner rockers out to play. Dr Uwe Schleinkofer is one of the band's founding members, and you could say he's been working in heavy metal for many years as Director R&D at CERATIZIT, where he focuses on innovative developments made of carbide. 

    His latest assignment was metal-based as well, though more in the figurative sense – Uwe was asked to write a follow-up to the band's successful hit "CERATIZIT (This is it)", which would be used as the music for our "Just Our Thing" campaign. "'Just Our Thing' covers so many aspects of our services, and we wanted the new song to reflect this multi-faceted approach. The lyrics are all about the things we set in motion for our customers, day in and day out. When it came to the musical ingredients, we put a catchy riff together with irresistible vocal and instrumental harmonies, high-octane grooves and a refrain that we hope will stay in listeners' minds for a long time to come!", says Uwe, who wrote both the music and lyrics for the new song. 


After premiering in front of a small audience at the CERATIZIT Technical Center in Kempten, rock anthem "Right Up Our Alley – Just Our Thing" has been available worldwide on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Deezer since 19 April 2024. 

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