Corporate culture and values

culture & values

Putting employees first

In accordance with our slogan ‘Tooling the Future’, we all give of our best day by day to develop new materials, applications, solutions and products which make a mark on our immediate environment and form part of our everyday routine.

To achieve this we rely on our employees’ working in an innovative, open, dynamic, uncomplicated and independent way. Short and functional decision-making processes ensure that we put things into action quickly and so are able to suggest new solutions to our customers right from the start.

Our employees are passionate about their work and courageously try out new approaches, with a view to sharing best practices and pooling their experience so that we all can learn as a result. We not only tolerate different opinions and new approaches, we actively encourage them!

CERATIZIT's corporate culture is characterised by diversity: as a global player in the world of cemented carbide we are active in more than 80 countries and 25 different industries, with over 100,000 products. Based on the region, target market, industry, product strategy and department, the various teams focus on different working approaches. This diversity makes participation in the corporate network and interdisciplinary exchange at CERATIZIT particularly exciting.

Our culture at CERATIZIT – starting from our values

Our corporate values, on the other hand, are the common basis for our work and our mutual relationships. 

By promoting a strong work culture which is based on our values, we aim to create a working atmosphere people can identify with, where we trust and support each other and commit ourselves with all our strength to a common goal.

Culture at CERATIZIT is paramount. That is why we have a dedicated Culture Development department, which supports the development of work culture with a view to reaching strategic goals.

  • Teamwork


    We build strong teams by trusting each other. Teamwork makes the dream work. We believe in trust as the fundamental binder in between high-performing women and men. Together, we develop teams which help us face our daily challenges and accomplish our goals.

  • Fighting spirit

    We create value by setting ambitious goals. Our aim: best in class. That’s why we are measuring ourselves against the top performers in the market. We invest in the future and strive to go the extra mile in every aspect of our business. 

    Fighting spirit
  • Creativity


    We do better every day by challenging ourselves. We promote change and innovation. We think forward to be a step ahead and foster a culture where people are encouraged to try and fail so that we can all learn together and find the most appropriate solution. 

  • Long-term thinking

    We deliver lasting value by being committed. We are committed to the vision and mission of our company. We include the environment, our colleagues, customers and suppliers into our strategic considerations. Loyalty, focus and respect are key for us and lead us to success over the years in a responsible and sustainable ways. 

    Long-term thinking
working at CERATIZIT

Working at CERATIZIT

At CERATIZIT we are following the moto “Hire attitude and train for skills”. We offer you more than a job. We provide you with the training, resources and challenges that enable you to take a leap forward.

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