Food Processing

  • Guarantees the best solution

    Guarantees the best solution

    Hard materials for maximum efficiency

    CERATIZIT is your partner of choice for tailor-made carbide or ceramics solutions. As every single product is exactly tailored to the application and machine, it is in principle possible for any needs in the food industry to be met.

Guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and food safe

For the food industry, we exclusively use approved carbide grades: the American Food and Drug Association (FDA) attests to the suitability of our carbide grades in the food industry and has included all of our grades in the ‘Inventory of Effective Food Contact Substance (FCS) Notifications’‘ 


Economic and efficient work guaranteed

The long service life of our products reduces costs drastically: by reducing downtime, the utilisation rate is greatly increased - that means equally reduced production and storage costs for critical spare parts. In addition, the tools’ resistance to corrosion makes the cleaning of machine parts with aggressive solvents possible – similar to stainless steel.

    Advantages and benefits

    Many grades are FDA-certified and therefore non hazardous when used in combination with food.

    Safety for your production-safety for consumer thanks to effective health protection.


    Best possible solution for stable production processes, maximum tool life.

    Metallurgic premium quality: consistently high-quality performance of all grades, maximum hardness, highest possible thoughness.


    Best tool life (compared to solutions without cemented carbide).

    Profitable and economical: less tool changing, reduced downtimes, increased productivity.


    Corrosion-resistant carbide grades.

    Aggessive solvents can be used for material cleaning without any problem (as with stainless steel).


    Depending on the application we recommend and offer carbide, carbide composite or ceramic solutions.

    Always the best choice.


    Thanks to CERATIZIT you can manage the entire process chain from the raw material to the blank.

    Market-leading product quality precisely adapted to your needs, maximum process reliability and holistic know-how.


    DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified product and process quality. 

    Faultness manufacturing.


    Technical advice on site: sales representatives and product managers with  technical expertise in the sector, application related fulfillment of your requests.

     A contact person for every challenge and innovation, consultation that you can trust.


    More than 70 company sites worldwide.

    There is always a contact person nearby.


    You can choose between a one-off order or an annual framework agreement, in the latter case we guarantee stock availability to set a level. 

    Flexible partnerships-also with regard to delivery times, maximum process efficiency.

    • Our products for the food industry

      Based on the application and material requirements, we offer you parts in solid carbide, carbide-steel composite parts or ceramic (silicon nitride). Our highly wear-resistant solutions will allow you to have short downtimes for various processing operations (cutting, scraping, mixing etc.).

    • Products

      Total flexibility

      Whether you need blanks, semi-finished or ready-to-use products ground to a tolerance of a few micron – everything is possible.

      All kinds of quantities are welcome: from a single unit up to larger numbers.

    Food Application range

    For cocoa processing we manufacture a variety of styles and types of cocoa crusher blades and rotor pins for the crushing and mixing process.

    Application range

    Together with our business partners we develop new products and applications for various markets within the food processing industry. Just contact us and we will help you find the best possible solution for your challenge!


    Cocoa industry 

    For cocoa processing we manufacture a variety of styles and types of cocoa crusher blades and rotor pins for the crushing and mixing process.


    Coffee industry

    Our carbide solutions are also suitable for use in coffee production: we supply coffee milling disks for industrial espresso machines as well as nozzles and chambers to produce instant coffee (e.g. spray drying and agglomeration).


    Dairy products

    Where liquids are homogenised, milk for example, carbide and steel-carbide composite components in pump and valve systems are never far away. Plus, we supply carbide pins for the mixing process, also within fully assembled systems.


    The hyperbaric pasteurisation process (HPP) to increase the shelf life of different kinds of food also requires very precise and wear-resistant parts, such as sealing rings and plungers.


    Frozen products

    As the freezing methods used to preserve foods become more sophisticated, so do their manufacturing processes. We offer tough carbide products, which are up to the challenge of processing frozen goods with marginal wear.


    Meat industry

    When cutting or skinning meat, thin carbide blades are used – for instance as tips in circular saws or as perforated dies in meat grinders; carbide guiderails for band saws used to divide large pieces and bones also fall in this category.


    Beverage and liquid foods industry

    Extruders, decanters and separators are used in many application fields and play a major role within the food industry. Used for mixing and phase separation, the processing systems require different parts with high abrasive and corrosive resistance: this is where CERATIZIT comes into play.


    Pet food industry

    When we consider food as a whole we also take pet food into account. For instance, producers of pet food need mixing elements. For further production of pellets, similar to pasta processing, we provide perforated dies with high-precision knives.



    CERATIZIT grades certified harmless by the FDA

    Our grades are certified for use in a wide variety of applications and for the entire pH scale. For more information on this certification, please refer to the FDA website.

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