Ultrasonic Cutting

  • Ultrasonic Cutting

    Innovative knives for ultrasonic cutting applications

    Monolithic hard metal knives

    CERATIZIT is one of the first manufacturers to offer innovative hard metal monolithic knives. This monolithic design made of solid carbide ensures the best rigidity and the best swinging behaviour of the knife and thus, overcomes traditional problems of standard brazed knives like non-consistency in quality and response when in vibration.

Stable cutting processes for tough materials

Our high frequency knives were especially developed for the ultrasonic cutting of composite materials like honeycomb structures.

    • CERATIZIT offers innovative high frequency knives, especially developed for stable cutting processes of composite materials. Unlike the standard version from other manufacturers (brazed tools with steel connection and Tungsten Carbide blades), our knives are solid carbide tools.

      Thanks to this innovative and successfully tested technology, our knives stand out by:

      ▲ more rigidity

      ▲ a better response when in vibration

      ▲ a higher consistency in quality and response when in vibration.

      Ultrasonic Cutting

    Application range

    Components for aerospace industry:

    Wing panels, Floor panels, Doors

    ▲ Components for automotive industry:

    Isolation panels, Elements for the seats

    ▲ Food industry:

    For the food industry, we only use FDA approved carbide grades that have been specifically designed for an optimal performance of our ultrasonic cutting knives. 

    Advantages & Benefits

    Single-source production

    We master the entire process chain from the raw material to the finished tool and thus, we can always guarantee a stable and high quality.


    Application-oriented research and development

    For the solid carbide knives, we have developed a specific Tungsten Carbide grade with an improved relation of hardness, toughness and transverse rupture strength.


    Individual solution-expertise

    Our engineering team can work with OEM’s to develop individual solutions for each ultrasonic cutting system to achieve the most precise and stable cutting processes. Please contact us for an informal discussion on how we can support you!


    High class engineering

    We guarantee a highly stable and precise cutting process thanks to:

    ▲ Solid thread connection with improved tightening torque resistance

    ▲ Accurate execution of every cutting edge for improved sharpness

    ▲ Accurate dimensional inspection after every production step

    It goes without saying that the knives have been tested successfully under real-life and severe cutting conditions.


    Optimised production

    Thanks to our assimilated production process and accurate inspections, we offer knives with near net shape and the highest sharpness on the market.