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    Cemented Carbide products for the Oil & Gas industry

    CERATIZIT offers a broad range of cemented carbide products for oil & gas applications. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to serve the oil & gas industry with products of a wide range of complexity, as well as from small quantities to high volumes. Drilling, completions and production are examples of applications where our products are successfully used today. 

We help our customers increase their competitiveness thanks to the superior quality of our products and performance of our carbide grades.

    Advantages & Benefits

    Highly qualified employees, numerous manufacturing possibilities, up-to-date manufacturing facilities (sinter furnaces, presses, CNC machines)

    Customised production of the most complex geometries and large dimensions; our production line allows for diameters up to 610mm and heights up to 500mm


    Flexible production planning with efficient data interchange

    Short delivery times – no matter how demanding


    Thanks to CERATIZIT you can manage the entire process chain, from the raw material to the finished product

    Excellent product quality precisely adapted to your needs, maximum process reliability and holistic expertise


    Carbide grades with an optimal ratio of hardness and fracture toughness

    Minimal wear and long service life and reduced costs mean higher productivity


    Broad selection, also for proven corrosionresistant carbide grades

    Always the right individual solution for every application


    Technical advice on site: our people have the technical knowledge to support you

    Support for every challenge and innovation, rapid response when needed


    More than 70 company locations worldwide

    There is always a contact person nearby


    Global footprint, with worldwide production sites, including Asia with our joint venture CB CERATIZIT

    Optimal and flexible offer according to your needs


    Certified product and process quality to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001

    Optimal reliability for your production

    Product Details

    Comprehensive product portfolio

    Large volume stabilizer inserts, mud nozzles and compacts for drill bits, substrates for PCD cutters, precision components for MWD, LWD and directional drilling tools, up to 27.5” OD x 31.5” H (700 OD mm x 800 mm H) cages for flow control choke valves, engineered tailor-made solutions for hydraulic fracturing… are just examples of our extensive oil & gas product portfolio.

    • Three Sections:


      • Drill Bits
      • Diamond Synthesis
      • MWD, LWD and Rotary Steerable Systems
      • Flow Control



      • Fracking
      • Sand Control



      • Artificial Lift
      • Flow Control
      Oil & Gas


    CERATIZIT’s legacy of innovation and deep knowledge of how cemented carbide behave in different applications has allowed us to develop unique materials for the specific demands of the oil & gas industry. Our offering includes optimized carbide grades for erosion, corrosion, thermal fatigue resistance, optimal hardness/toughness balance and non-magnetic properties.

    • Oil & Gas
    • Oil & Gas