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In a world of cutting-edge innovation and precision engineering, CERATIZIT is offering a vast portfolio of services and products ranging from standard to tailor-made solutions. The Hard Material Solution is not just a destination, but a journey powered by four formidable pillars tailored to our customers’ needs: Solutions, Know-How, Partnership, and Sustainability.

As we are working together our goal is to conquer the hardest materials with finesse and meet every challenge with an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for cemented carbide. 

Join us and welcome a new era in precision engineering powered by our unique mindset. This is JUST OUR THING!

Four pillars. Your success.

From pressing, forming, and sintering to grinding and final inspection. Our team rises to every challenge to ensure that your specific solution meets all your expectations. Therefore, we rely on four pillars to benefit your success:

  • Just our thing


    Turning ideas into solutions

    At Hard Material Solutions we place a strong emphasis on "Solutions" as one of our foundational pillars. This focus is not merely a tagline but a core philosophy that drives our approach to customer success. We craft holistic approaches that address the unique challenges posed by hard materials.  What do we offer you may ask?

    1. Tailored Solutions
    2. Cutting Edge Technology
    3. Problem Solving Expertise
    4. Ongoing Support

    It's a commitment to success through tailor-made answers that sets CERATIZIT apart in the world of hard material engineering.

  • Know-How

    Driving Innovation with Intelligence

    A profound and crucial pillar to drive customer success and effectively address the unique challenges is our “Know-How”. Get to know how our expertise with hard materials plays a pivotal role for your ambitions:

    1. In-Depth Material Knowledge
    2. Application Insights
    3. Machining Process Optimization
    4. Tool Design and Innovation

    CERATIZIT represents a reservoir of expertise and experience that goes far beyond the conventional. It serves as the foundation for crafting tailored solutions while this wealth of knowledge empowers our team to not only solve problems but to elevate our customers' success in industries where precision and performance are paramount.

    Just our thing
  • Just our thing


    Together for Success

    At Hard Material Solutions we understand that true success is a collaborative effort. Our emphasis on "Partnership" demonstrates our commitment to building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. No, this is not just a business strategy but our mindset: We listen and work together.

    1. Customer-Centric Approach
    2. Customization and Co-Development
    3. Continuous Communication
    4. Shared Goals and Values

    For us, “Partnership” is a commitment to building meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our customers. Through collaboration, customization, and shared objectives, CERATIZIT empowers its partners to overcome unique challenges in a world getting more and more complex.

  • Sustainability

    Actions for Sustainability

    Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. From handling the limited resources we have efficiently to helping tackle the global issues of sustainability and contributing to the reduction of CO2 for example, our Hard Material Solutions division is there to support CERATIZIT’s ambitions. 

    To facilitate sustainability for you, we launched several actions for customers already, like:  

    1. Growing upGRADE portfolio to increase recycling
    2. More transparency with the Product Carbon Footprint data
    3. Improved recycled packaging for more protection and less waste
    4. Consultancy for sustainability matters

    CERATIZIT’s sustainability strategy is fully integrated into hard material solutions. Our employees are constantly working on improving processes and finding ways to operate more efficiently. The overall aim remains: Tooling a Sustainable Future! 

    Just our thing

Materialising Solutions Together