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True sustainability - we can only achieve it together

We have ambitious sustainability goals that will affect and change the entire supply chain. Acting sustainably is our highest ambition. Our vision is as clearly defined as it is hard to achieve: being the leader in sustainability in our industry. 

Looking beyond our own areas we want to enable our customers to produce more sustainably by using our products and services. That is why we have set ourselves those ambitious goals to help tackle the climate crisis. We truly believe it is time for a paradigm shift. 

Our vision is to be the leader in sustainability for the hard metal and cutting tool industry by 2025. 

To incorporate this shift in everything we do and to make it visible across the company, we altered our existing claim from simply Tooling the Future to Tooling a Sustainable Future. Sustainability is no longer an option; it is a mission.  

How do we plan to accomplish our vision? 

Our Sustainability Strategy

To become truly sustainable throughout the company, we pursue the crucial topic along the entire value chain. Our sustainability strategy does not only consider internal processes and resources. It also sets new standards for our cooperation with partners – in terms of environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG)environmental friendliness (compatibility), resource efficiency and social issues. We know there are many areas to consider here. But first we will concentrate on the key aspects that provide the greatest leverage. 


What drives us to reach these ambitious goals? It is our deeply anchored corporate values – performing teamwork, long-term thinking, fighting spirit and creativity.

  • Sustainability

    Our goal is to be climate neutral as early as 2025

    We are taking our responsibility for the climate serious and make every effort do everything possible to minimize our carbon footprint. The overall guideline for this is set by the UN CO2 goals which sets net zero for 2050. But we are going further and aim to achieve our targets as early as 2040. In addition, we also include Scope 3 in this.  Our customers benefit from our efforts: By using our products and services, our customers can produce climate neutral. 

    Our goal is defined in three major steps:  

    1. Carbon neutral in 2025, with an overall reduction of 35% in scope 1, 2 & 3 

    2. By 2030 a combined reduction of 60% in scope 1, 2 & 3 

    3. By 2040 we want to reach net zero with a combined reduction of 75% in scope 1, 2 & 3 

  • Our aim is to reduce the use of virgin raw materials

    To reduce the mining of virgin raw materials, we are continuously increasing the proportion of recycled carbide in our products.  Today, we already have a share of roughly 85%, and we aim to increase this to over 95% by 2030. 

    This also means that we pursue to extend our recycling partnerships with our customers.  


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