The CERATIZIT Group Code of Conduct


    CERATIZIT's success is mainly down to our employees, who perform their duties conscientiously and with the complete confidence of the executive board.

    code of conduct

Our own Code of Conduct with its five guiding principles sets out our basic values and principles for ethical business conduct in compliance with the law. The Code also clearly defines the expectations towards our employees and enables them to internalize appropriate business practices and to play an active role in corporate culture across all borders. The guiding principles thus play a significant part in the long-term corporate success of CERATIZIT.


The five guiding principles are:

  • We operate within the law.
  • We respect human rights.
  • We act in the Group's interests.
  • We act responsibly.
  • We ensure state-of-the-art QSE management.

Our mission is to live up to these high expectations, including in our collaborations with customers and partners. All details of the CERATIZIT Group's guiding principles are available below: