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Cast iron machining without compromise

Optimal performance capacity

Maximum cutting performance with low cutting forces: up to 8 mm depth of cut with the standard tool. MaxiMill HEC achieves excellent surface quality of the component with minimal formation of burrs.


8 usable cutting edges per insert considerably reduce the costs per piece. 4 cutting edges respectively for tangential and frontal mounting.


Inserts for MaxiMill HEC are available in carbide, silicon nitride (ceramic), cermet and CBN. In this way you can always choose the material with the best suitable characteristics for your individual application.

  • - Tangential mounting of inserts for maximum stability and easy handling

    - 8 cutting edges per insert

- Wide programme: for every application the suitable insert

- Insert with 4 cutting materials: coated carbide, silicon nitride, coated cermet + CBN

- Through coolant with efficient distribution

- Protection against wear and corrosion through tool coating 'hard & tough'

- Axial run-out can be set precisely so that excellent surface quality is achieved

- Flexible basis: no matter what you wish to modify: diameter, number of teeth or tool holder: HEC12 can be perfectly adapted to your process.

1 Face milling

2 Shoulder milling

Particularly suited for materials, such as:

- Cast iron with lamellar graphite

- Spheroidal cast iron

- Vermicular grey cast iron (CGI)


Frequently applied in the following industries:

- Automotive industry

- Mechanical engineering

- Wind power


Typical components:

- Motor blocks and cylinder heads

- Gear cases

- Machine beds

- Hubs and machine supports


When is the use of this milling cutter particularly appropriate?

- Batch production - low cycle times required

- High demands with regard to the surface finish

- Milling of cast iron materials

- Machining centres & transfer lines

Work piece: motor block made of cast iron EN-GJL-250 

Cutting parameters:

Tool:            AHEC.125.R.16A08-11

Insert: LNHX 1106PNER

Vc = 200 [m/min]

ap = 4.5 [mm]

fz = 0.22 [mm]

Qty. per edge increased from 250 to 350 parts (+40 %)!

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MaxiMill HEC12
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